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News, tours and other events


1 juni 2024

NEW TOUR!!! Green Riverside Experience Tour

By popular demand, we have developed a new bike tour 🧡🚲🧡.

You can book this tour from Saturday 1 June 2024. This tour will show you completely new locations of Kuala Lumpur. On this tour, you will cycle along the banks of the Klang river towards the lively Brickfields, or "Little India", on beautifully landscaped cycle paths, among other things. Feel the vibrant city life and its historical elements combined with the tranquillity of the meandering river.

Naturally, the guide will stop at several highlights. Through colourful streets, you will arrive in Little India to visit the temple with the large reclining Buddha.

Of course, halfway through this tour, we will enjoy a delicious, authentic banana-leaf meal at a local restaurant.

This tour fully lives up to Kuala Lumpur's name as ‘City of Contrasts & Diversity’ and focuses on the experience of cycling in this amazing city.

We start at 10:00am at MikeBikes' office and we will be back around 1pm.

Impression of this great tour


18 February 2024

Free Malaysia Today, joined MikeBikes for an interview.

Free Malaysia Today (FMT) is an independent, bilingual news online portal with content, in both English and Bahasa Malaysia (Malay), with a focus on Malaysian current affairs, published since 2009. It is one of Malaysia's most accessed news sites with monthly visits of 11.83 million. 

Hereby a link to the article:

Article in Free Malaysia Today about MikeBikes

Hereby a link to YouTube movie:

Youtube movie about MikeBikes


5 December 2023

Additional information for tourists:

Registration for travellers to Malaysia has been announced on 1 December 2023, this applies to tourists and anyone travelling to Malaysia for the first time.

Travellers entering Malaysia must register online for the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) within three days prior to arrival. Registration is mandatory from 1 January 2024.

You can do this on the Malaysia Immigration website:
https://imigresen-online.imi.gov.my/mdac/main under the heading 'registration'.

The following groups are exempt from registration:
- Travellers transiting/transferring through Singapore without seeking immigration clearance; and
- Malaysia Permanent Resident
- Malaysia Automated Clearance SYstem (MACS) holder

Note: MikeBikes cannot help you fill out the MDAC. For queries, please refer to your relevant embassy.


3 December 2023

MikeBikes in Kuala Lumpur's Sinterklaas newsreel.

The Dutch have a tradition of Sinterklaas who visits the children on the 5th of December. Since 2020, the Dutch Association and LanguageOne Kuala Lumpur have been making their own Sinterklaasjournal in Kuala Lumpur. Sinterklaas has already been quarantined and another time all the presents have been thrown into the pool by the monkeys. This year, the Piets have been sent out by Sinterklaas to explore the city and of course they will do so on a bikes from MikeBikes 🧡🚲🧡.

Do you think this will all go well? Check it out quickly in the episodes below:

Sinterklaas News Kuala Lumpur 2023 episode 1

Sinterklaas News Kuala Lumpur 2023 episode 2

Sinterklaas News Kuala Lumpur 2023  episode 3

MikeBikes in special episodes of the Sinterklaasjournal in Kuala Lumpur.


14 October 2023

The Downtown KL Cycling Tour on 14 October was a great event. The cycling tour is a project resulting from a partnership between Think City (DBKL) or Kuala Lumpur Municipality and MikeBikes. The local participants were extremely enthusiastic about this tailor-made tour of the city centre accompanied by MikeBikes' guides. Because of this experience of people contributing to a more sustainable environment at the same time, Think City and MikeBikes decided to start repeating these tours every month. This awareness of the local participants contributes to reducing motorised traffic in downtown Kuala Lumpur.


16 August 2023

Together with Think City our goal is to get more inhabitants on a bike to get a more liveable environment and increase the sustainability of the capital. In collaboration with Think City we offer only on Saturday 14 October a 2 hours custom local limited edition bike tour to promote the beautiful city on bike via cycle friendly streets! This edition is held in conjuction with Pentas Seni Merdeka, a monthly public arts platform organized by Think City and DBKL at Dataran Merdeka, Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur. Saturday 18 November will be probably another possibility if there are a lot of people who are interested.

You only can book The Downtown KL Cycling Tour by our website as a standard tour (no private). Choose when booking online at the field 'Organization' for 'Think City'. The rate of this tour is only RM30 for you as participant. If you like to explore and experience the inner city on bike in a safe way then make your Downtown KL Cycling Tour booking online! There is a maximum of 40 participants. Only adults from 18 years and up are allowed. You have to pay on the spot cash, by credit card or QR code. More information about this new limited tour will be soon here!


01 July 2023

School holidays starts in Europe. It's gonna be an exciting time for 2 months. There have been made many, many reservations. We are already sold out regularly, so all cycles are on its way! Make your reservation in time to avoid any disappointments! The local tourist guides are ready to welcome YOU!


22 June 2023

All the members of MikeBikes had today a First Aid Course given by CERT Academy. Of course prevention is the best, but in case of emergency we are well prepared.


18 May 2023

MikeBikes got invitation by Malaysia radio Business station FM (BFM) and one of our founders Mr Mike Janssen is one of the speakers. Check out and listen to his experiences sharing and thoughts about believing in green way of lifestyles. Check it out!


12 April 2023

Yes! On TripAdvisor we received the Award Traveller's Choice 2023! Traveller's Choice of The Best Experience in Kuala Lumpur 🧡🚲🧡


5 March 2023

MikeBikes X Pangea Travel X Wout of the World!
Check latest video  of us exploring the last remaining of ‘Kampong Bharu’ with Wout of the World in collaboration with Pangea Travel.


21 February 2023

A townhall meeting with members of MikeBikes team cum buka Puasa dinner. We want more… Team MikeBikes 
Meeting to improve our services and to introduce our new shirts with whistle and MikeBikes caps.


1 January 2023

MikeBikes wishes everyone a wonderful, sparkling and healthy 2023We like to welcome our guests and make sure you will have a beautiful experience in a safe way. Cycling a tour is fun and show that you contribute and stimulate a more sustainable Kuala Lumpur!


23 July 2022

Besi Apac cycled for the second time a CSR Tour with (again) 40 employees. They donated a cheque at the Pitstop Community Cafe in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur.  The Pitstop Community Cafe is a social enterprise working towards solutions for current urban issues such as homelessness, urban poverty and hunger. MikeBikes connected PCC and Besi Apac, because of a Corporate Social Resposibility Tour. During a special route all the participantas had a lot of fun in an active and green way on bicycle.


27 April 2022

Together with The Dutch Embassy we celebrated King's Day. The Dutch Embassy requested to bring some bouquets of Dutch Tulips to their stakeholders; of course ... on bike!


10 March 2022

The Government of Malaysia announced the opening of the Malaysian borders for international tourism, fully vaccinated and without quarantaine from 1 April! Yes!


12 February 2022

Today there was a MikeBikes' Birthday Ride for Family and Friends. It was great!


1 February 2022

This is the month of MikeBikes' Birthday! We celebrate this with a special Birthday Ride on 1 February during Wilayah Day, the day of Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. This exclusive tour will start at 9:30am and takes around 3 hours including drinks. The tour will show you a lot of nice spots.

Everybody who would like to join this Birthday Ride with a minimum of 2 pax per booking, RM130 per person (regardless of age), can mail to info@mikebikes.my. You can pay cash on the spot. Be present 15-30 minutes before the start of the tour.  

If you would like to have more information, please call or WhatsApp 017 - 673 7322.


21 January 2022

Along the route of our Pitstop Foodie Tour unfortunately there are several restaurants closed as a result of the Covid situation. Some of these locations were part of this tour. Until 1 March the Pitstop Foodie Tour cannot be booked because of these changing circumstances.

As you know we select restaurants in a careful and respectful way. It will take some time to choose and find new collaborations with partners who offer delicious food, in a nice ambiance and hygienic way. Next to have enough place to park the bicycles our partners have to follow the SOP of the Government of Malaysia.


1 January 2022

Happy New Year! We like to wish you a Healthy and a Joyful 2022! MikeBikes welcomes you and look forward to your participation in our safe tours. Our guests show that this active, flexible and green way of transport will support sustainability and is environmentally friendly! Let's make all the locals enthusiastic to use a more aware way of fun and healthy traffic transport. Safety first! 🧡🚲🧡


1 October 2021

It is allowed to cycle tours again in Kuala Lumpur! MikeBikes will prepare this in a smooth and safe way according the SOP rules. At this way we can start from 16 October 2021 with our tours. You can book now!


31 August 2021

The Government of Malaysia has announced that the lockdown will be until 1 October 2021. We look forward to this date to re-open and welcome our guests again! 🧡🚲🧡


22 May 2021

There is a lockdown until 28 June due to the high numbers of infected cases. Guided cycle tours are not allowed. This situation has as a result that MikeBikes will offer soon a new designed and attractive tour. As well for locals and expats as for employees of companies it will be an interesting and amazing cycle tour. Keep an eye open on our social media!


05 March 2021

We are open again! The Government allows MikeBikes to cycle during the CMCO in the inner cityu of Kuala Lumpur. To celebrate this we offer a new Banana Leaf Tour on Saturdays in March and April 2021 with a unique location to eat. Look for more information at COVID-19 Special Actions!


03 September 2020

The Civil Servant Bike Tour KL starts from today. This is part of the Civil Servant Domestic Campaign in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia. It's a guided cycle tour through the inner city, Masjid India area, Tiong Nam, River of Life and Kampong Bharu. You can book online this tour with a minimum of 4 pax (family and friends), where at least one person who books is a Civil Servant. The two-and-a half-hours tour is only RM65 per person. The toute is very ineresting for locals, even for them who live in KL!


27 August 2020

Besi APac Sdn Bhd cycled today a CSR tour with 40 participants. They donated to the Klinik Kebajikan Tharkadas diabetic imjections with a value of RM5775.00! MikeBikes arranged the route and connected the dr. of the Klinik with Besi. The employees of Besi cycled a custom made route through Kuala Lumpur. What were they enthusiastic! As well as the 12 tourist guides who took care of the safety and that the tour run smoothly. It was fantastic!

Besi APac Sdn Bhd will come on 22 October with another 40 employees who will cycle the same route. On that date they will stop at the Pitstop Community Cafe who offers homeless and poor people food for free. Besi will donate here also a mock cheque.


26 August 2020

Today MikeBikes joined as a partner of the Shangri-La their organized event 'Meet in Malaysia'. We offered the exclusive package for Shangri-La guests 'Contrasts of Kuala Lumpur'. It's a route in authentic areas of KL for individual guests, small groups and for big groups. Big groups visiting exhibitons, meetings and other big events and staying in Shangri-La Hotel can book the Explorace. A treasure hunt in collaboration with Time Out Solutions, Shangri-La and MikeBikes. Teams will meet at 3 check points by using public transport, cycles and walking and have a competition! The Shangri-La concierge can book for individual guests and small groups, families and friend,s the exclusive route 'Contrast of Kuala Lumpur'.


8 August 2020 - COVID-19

Our newest tour Local Limited Edition Bike Tour KL is a big succes! For RM50 locals will get a Dutch bike, a tourist guide, a bottle of water, drinks and an orange MikeBikes cycling cap. The 3 local Malaysian ladies thougt to know the areas, because they live and work in KL. However, they discovered new places and saw streets with interesting things they did not know. Do you think to know all the streets and developed things in KL? Just book online and be surprised!


30 July 2020 - COVID-19

The first tour after a long long time! The local guests were excited about the route and the places. The information provided by the tourist guide and the safe feeling during the ride is the finishing touch.


19 July 2020 - COVID-19

We opened our office today! All guides are looking forward to welcome the locals, expats and comapnies to show them the back alleys and cycle friendly streets in Kuala Lumpur. We are convinced that you will discover new things!


31 March 2020 - COVID-19

The coronavirus has had a huge impact on everyone at home and at the work situation. Including for MikeBikes’ tourist guides. To support them we offer until 31 March 2021 temporary a stripes card with a lot of discount. Send a mail and request for more information. With a stripes card you will also be a member of MikeBikes' Friends 2020. This association aims to restore confidence in work and support incomes of the local guides.


28 March 2020 - Cycling School Project

In collaboration with the big medical Dutch centre Zuyderland and social workplace The Graasj, both in Sittard/Geleen, we offer social poor school children in Kuala Lumpur the possibility to cycle for free. With the revenues of the tours MikeBikes shows the social development and finance this Cycling School Project. MikeBikes takes care of the transport of the bikes from The Netherlands to Malaysia, logistics and work shops to get familiar with cycling and traffic behaviour and traffic signs. Safety first. Happy Cycling and education for children.


12 March 2020 - Tours temporary cancelled

All tours are cancelled until 12 May 2020 because of the COVID-19. The Government of Malaysia has announced that all companies have to stop their services during this period.


2 February 2020 - Soon, our local support, suddenly past away

We all were shocked by the news that Soon, our colleague and friend, passed away. Soon has meant a lot for MikeBikes. He had a lot of respect within our whole team, because of his character. Always friendly and gentle. Passionated to make other people happy and made them aware of sustainability, sharing and contribute to the people who have less.  He was a perfectionist is his work and nothing was too much for him. With many colleagues, guests and people Soon had a positive click and exchanged his good energy. He was very reliable as a person. It’s a shock that he is suddenly away among us. It must be a shock for his family. We all are feeling very sad because we did not loose only a colleague and friend, but also someone who showed everyone in practical way the higher values of life such as reliable, sharing and understanding. He was a living example for that. It was an honour to work with you Soon!


1 January 2020 - MikeBikes 1 of 12 best attractions in Kuala Lumpur

The Backpackcentrale has mentioned 12 best attractions to do in Kuala Lumpur. A tour with MikeBikes is included! (Their website is only in Dutch).


1 November 2019 - MikeBikes announced to be 1 of 5 best attractions in whole Malaysia

MikeBikes is one of the 5 attractions of whole Malaysia in the largest travel magazine Travmagazine (download PDF). The winners of The Travel Agency of the Year Election 2019, organized by FOX, Verre Reizen van ANWB and the KLM, have done a bicycle tour in Kuala Lumpur about which they were all extremely enthusiastic!


11 September 2019 - MikeBikes is helping local homeless shelters

We took fruits and food to one of the local homeless shelters. 🧡🚲🧡 When we have a big group a lot of food remains untouched. At MikeBikes we don't throw away food when you can help those who need it at Pusat Transit Gelandangan!


6 September 2019 - MikeBikes present at the opening 'Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020'

MikeBikes present at the launch of the official song for Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020! It was officially launched by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia earlier today. It was a colourful event and we were glad to join in this grand celebration.


26-28 August 2019 - MikeBikes, one of the participants at World Tourism Conference 2019

MikeBikes participated at the World Tourism Conference 2019  on 26-28 August 2019, which was held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.  The theme for this year’s event was “"Beyond Tourism, Beyond Expectation".  The realization of “Beyond Tourism” creates favorable circumstances for new business opportunities to flourish. Advancements in digital technology are the main catalysts in achieving the outcomes beyond people’s expectations. MikeBikes was the only participant providing the unique cycling city tour in the event.  It created quite a wave of interests among the event delegates  and made new contacts and expanded its reach with other industry players both local and from other countries.


5 June 2019 - New biketour, Pitstop Foodie Tour 🧡🚲🧡

A nice tour: Pitstop Foodie Tour started from 5 June 2019! The tourist guide will lead you through KLCC, Imbi, Pudu, Chinatown en Kampong Bahru on bicycle  along small local restaurants. You experience at night Chinese, Malaysian and Indian small meals with drinks. You can book this tour now on Monday, Wednesday or Friday!


General collaborations

  • Lokalocal has cycled wirth us and made a nice promotion video for their market! We were in!
  • Do you come with a Grab? Enter as destination MikeBikes!
  • The GoPro has joined a tour with MikeBikes. See the video impression!
  • Maartje van Dongen has written a nice blog about MikeBikes, afte she cycled Kuala Lumpur SUNSET and Night Tour.
  • Would you like to see the video of 1e Kuala Lumpur SUNSET and NIGHT  tour? It was raining, but very amusing! Look to the video and if you like it, please follow us and share MikeBikes on Facebook.
  • We also join the Car Free Morning in KL; great FUN!
  • Omnitraveler published a blog about MikeBikes. You can find it on Facebook van MikeBikes Kuala Lumpur or in Omnitraveler! If you like it, follow and share us on Facekook! 🧡🚲🧡


12 October 2018 - MikeBikes one of the finalists for MDBC Innovation & Sustainability Awards 2018

MikeBikes was one of the finalists for MDBC Innovation & Sustainability Awards 2018! Chief judgeH.E. Karin Mössenlechner, Ambassador, Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands reached out a certificate to MikeBikes.


15 September 2018 - Collecting empty plastic bottles

Collecting empty plastic bottles: This is in line with MikeBikes' commitment to promote and contribute to a cleaner and more liveable Kuala Lumpur. Mikebikes is recycling all the plastic water bottles provided to its tourists. These empty water bottles are to be sent to Tzu Chi Foundation in Kuala Lumpur, which MikeBikes is collaborating with, to be recycled. The proceeds are to be donated to the Foundation's charity funds. Not only to protect the environment (as the plastic bottles will take up 450 years to be decomposed in the landfills), these empty bottles collected by Mikebikes will be turned into charity funds to help the poor and the needy, and eventually it can also be turned into blankets in aid of various disaster victims!


18 August 2018 - Biketour in Melaka

On 18 August 2018, the Dutch Association of Malaysia organized in close collaboration with The Dutch Embassy and Tourism Melaka a bicycle tour along the Dutch heritage in Melaka. Who was present? Yes, MikeBikes! We delivered the bikes and so both speakers, the Dutch Embassador, Karin Mössenlechner and Chief Minister of Melaka, Hon. Adly bin Zajari, had fun on the bikes form MikeBikes after their speech. Everyone happy! The entire organization by the NLV went flawlessly under a nice warm sun. They have created a nice drone video Melaka Heritage Cycling Trail that gives a good impression of this beautiful day.


9 February 2018 - Opening, MikeBikes in Kuala Lumpur, by Ms Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade & Development

We are very proud to announce that, Ms Sigrid Kaag, the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, is the first person who used the 'blue ' bicycle paths. During this event she will be accompanied by the Dutch trade delegation and all are using MikeBikes bicycles. The group has used MikeBikes bicycles and cycle to the United Nations’ World Urban Forum, the developers of the “blue” bicycle paths. We thank the Dutch embassy in Kuala Lumpur for their participation in realizing this event.

NEW TOUR!!! Green Riverside Experience Tour

 At the request of many, we have developed a new bicycle tour 🧡🚲🧡.

You can book this tour from Saturday 1 June 2024. This tour takes you through new locations of Kuala Lumpur. On this tour, you will cycle along the banks of the Klang River towards the lively Brickfields, or Little India, on beautifully landscaped cycle paths, among other things. Feel the vibrant city life and its historical elements combined with the tranquillity of the meandering river.

Naturally, the guide will stop at several highlights. Through colourful streets, you will arrive in Little India to visit the temple with the large reclining Buddha.

Of course, halfway through this tour, we will enjoy a delicious, authentic Banana-leaf lunch at a local restaurant.

This tour fully lives up to Kuala Lumpur's name as ‘City of Contrasts & Diversity’ and focuses on the experience of cycling in this amazing city.

We start at 10:00am at MikeBikes' office and we will be back around 1pm.