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Both Dutch and Malaysian companies have faith in MikeBikes' underlying idea, Strength through Cooperation.

Mikebikes' goal is to keep its operations as authentic and pure as possible for the city. The sponsors embrace ethical business practices. The positive effects of ethical entrepreneurship are evident through, among other things, cooperation with local restaurants, guides and small projects along the route. In addition, cycling is a green, sustainable mode of transport and makes a positive contribution to the environment. Companies that buy into this thinking have adopted a bike from MikeBikes.

The companies that have adopted bikes get a nameplate on the bike. This way, it is visible that they support the sustainable way of cycling and ethical entrepreneurship. They also support our social projects by doing so.

Together, we strive to create awareness and thus encourage local people and local businesses to showcase the beauty of the city. Strength through Cooperation!


Additional tourist information:

Registration for travellers to Malaysia has been announced on 1 December 2023, this applies to tourists and anyone travelling to Malaysia for the first time.

Travellers entering Malaysia must register online for the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) within three days prior to arrival. Registration is mandatory from 1 January 2024.

You can do this on the Malaysia Immigration website:
https://imigresen-online.imi.gov.my/mdac/main under the heading 'registration'.

The following groups are exempt from registration:
- Travellers transiting/transferring through Singapore without seeking immigration clearance; and
- Malaysia Permanent Resident
- Malaysia Automated Clearance SYstem (MACS) holder

Note: MikeBikes cannot help you fill out the MDAC. For queries, please refer to your relevant embassy.