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  • Yeah! We are adopted by both Dutch and Malaysian companies
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Both Dutch and Malaysian companies have faith in MikeBikes' underlying idea, Strength through Cooperation.

Mikebikes' goal is to keep its operations as authentic and pure as possible for the city. The sponsors embrace ethical business practices. The positive effects of ethical entrepreneurship are evident through, among other things, cooperation with local restaurants, guides and small projects along the route. In addition, cycling is a green, sustainable mode of transport and makes a positive contribution to the environment. Companies that buy into this thinking have adopted a bike from MikeBikes.

The companies that have adopted bikes get a nameplate on the bike. This way, it is visible that they support the sustainable way of cycling and ethical entrepreneurship. They also support our social projects by doing so.

Together, we strive to create awareness and thus encourage local people and local businesses to showcase the beauty of the city. Strength through Cooperation!

NEW TOUR!!! Green Riverside Experience Tour

 At the request of many, we have developed a new bicycle tour 🧡🚲🧡.

You can book this tour from Saturday 1 June 2024. This tour takes you through new locations of Kuala Lumpur. On this tour, you will cycle along the banks of the Klang River towards the lively Brickfields, or Little India, on beautifully landscaped cycle paths, among other things. Feel the vibrant city life and its historical elements combined with the tranquillity of the meandering river.

Naturally, the guide will stop at several highlights. Through colourful streets, you will arrive in Little India to visit the temple with the large reclining Buddha.

Of course, halfway through this tour, we will enjoy a delicious, authentic Banana-leaf lunch at a local restaurant.

This tour fully lives up to Kuala Lumpur's name as ‘City of Contrasts & Diversity’ and focuses on the experience of cycling in this amazing city.

We start at 10:00am at MikeBikes' office and we will be back around 1pm.