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There are both Dutch and Malaysian companies who have confidence in the ideology of MikeBikes, 'Strength through Collaboration'.

This ideology is the  involvement of local parties to the activities of MikeBikes as authentic and pure as possible for the region and the country

The collaborating companies welcome the ethical business and the effect on the local situation. The positive effects on local economy and involvement of locals is already measurable. There are already some positive results visible regarding the local economy and  local involvement because of the cycle and the goal of MikeBikes. In addition, this green, sustainable way of transport is a positive contribution to the environment. Companies that go along with this thought possess a MikeBikes’ bike.

We strive together to create awareness and to encourage the local people and local businesses in showing the beauty of the city. Strength through cooperation!

The companies that have adopted bikes are seen on a daily basis by tourist. We have marked the bikes with their names and logo.


Our ultimate goal is to provide children of socially disadvantaged families a second hand bicycle, that they must maintain. Free workshops given by Bike Kitchen KL (local comapny) will teach them how to do so.

In this way youth gets familiar with the bike as a means of transport and meanwhile they increase their action radius. Eventually, the increase of this environmentally friendly, green way of transport will contribute to a cleaner and more livable area in Kuala Lumpur.

Rates 2024


The rates for the tours will be slightly higher in 2024 due to inflation in Malaysia. The increase is limited.

If you wish to book a tour, you will see the amounts before you make your final reservation.

 The prices of 2024 will be visible on Rates in December 2023.


We are looking forward to welcome you!

Team MikeBikes 🧡🚲🧡