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About MikeBikes

For years, my life was all about hard work. I worked long hours to make our business successful, and I succeeded in part thanks to a fine dedicated team. But I noticed that work-life balance was off. I sold our company and started doing what had been on my wish list for a long time: travelling and cycling.

Together with my family, we made our first big trip to Malaysia. Soon we were caught by the beauty of the country, the friendliness and authenticity of its people and, of course, the delicious food. The contrast in the modern capital Kuala Lumpur was remarkable. Urban development here has led to increasing traffic, concrete buildings and stifling pollution. As a result, traditional Kuala Lumpur is in danger of fading into the background. The 'hidden world' of authentic Malaysians is largely unknown to outsiders. Kuala Lumpur has colourful sights, is a melting pot of smells from local markets or the intriguing lives of locals. It is therefore one of the most fascinating cities in Asia.

Once back in the Netherlands, the image of Kuala Lumpur didn't get out of my head. How could I contribute to ensuring that the city's gems remain visible to Malaysians and tourists alike. How could I contribute to reducing environmental impact and how could I contribute to involving the local population in my ideas? So-called ethical entrepreneurship.

Cycling through the city! I shared my ideas with my two partners.

Coincidence or not, during our trip, we got in touch with Malaysia's minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture. I shared my enthusiasm about Malaysia and the opportunities for cycling there. He asked me, "How come everyone cycles in Amsterdam?". I want to have the same in Kuala Lumpur. We merged our ideas and that's how MikeBikes was born.

Our mission is: to make sustainable transportation accessible to everyone combined with sharing the beauty of Kuala Lumpur, 'the city of contrasts & diversity'.

Meanwhile, we have several collaborations with local businesses and an extensive network of bicycle-friendly streets and alleys. During the tours, we eat at local restaurants and of course our guides are very dedicated and proud Malaysians. They talk about their city with passion.


Social entrepreneurship

We have been organising our bike tours since 2018. Our bicycle tours have a social return character. That is, in our overall operations, we involve local people. We are proud to have a wonderful team of enthusiastic Malaysian bicycle guides. But we want to do more. We are currently supporting 2 projects.

Project 1.

We give children from socially disadvantaged families a bicycle that they have to take care of themselves. The intention is that the children will be educated with cycling which is not only a lot of fun, but also a great means of transportation. In addition, this eco-friendly, green way of transportation will contribute to a cleaner and more livable environment.

Project 2

A great social project for is the "Cycling School". Used children's bicycles are collected at various social workplace in the Netherlands. These are refurbished as new. We bear the costs and take care of the coordination, logistics and transport to Kuala Lumpur. Together with the management of the local refugee school, ideasacademy, in Kuala Lumpur, we offer children cycling lessons. Among other things, the management teaches the children how to maintain a bicycle and they inspire them to use a bicycle as a means of transportation.

In this way we can all make a difference and give children the opportunity to exercise actively and healthily. It also contributes to a sustainable society.

Dutch and Malaysian companies have faith in our ideology "Strength through Cooperation". Our bikes have been adopted by these companies who value sustainable business.

As the Dutch saying - Learned when young is done when old -


Team MikeBikes 🧡🚲🧡

Afiqah, Andrew, Apit, Barry, David, Diniehilmi, Fabienne, Farid, Felix, Glenn, Henk, Hing, Johan, Joseph, Maurice, Mike, Ping, Remco, Salena, Sin, Suhaimi, Tey & Tony.


Additional tourist information:

Registration for travellers to Malaysia has been announced on 1 December 2023, this applies to tourists and anyone travelling to Malaysia for the first time.

Travellers entering Malaysia must register online for the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) within three days prior to arrival. Registration is mandatory from 1 January 2024.

You can do this on the Malaysia Immigration website:
https://imigresen-online.imi.gov.my/mdac/main under the heading 'registration'.

The following groups are exempt from registration:
- Travellers transiting/transferring through Singapore without seeking immigration clearance; and
- Malaysia Permanent Resident
- Malaysia Automated Clearance SYstem (MACS) holder

Note: MikeBikes cannot help you fill out the MDAC. For queries, please refer to your relevant embassy.